Oltre il Giardino | Fondamenta Contarini - San Polo 2542 | Venezia 30125 | T +39.041.2750015 F +39.041.795452
The house, which once belonged to Alma Mahler, the composer's widow who lived there in the 1920's, lies next to a small canal just a stone's throw from the Church of the Frari, has now been turned into an exclusive but home-like retreat.

This enchanting place in the heart of Venice offers something unique to those visiting the city. Our guests will feel that they have really found a home away from home.

Oltre il giardino is a unique country-house in the centre of Venice, overlooking its delightful garden.
The garden, with its olive trees, magnolia and pomegranate, is an oasis of peace and tranquillity and it provides the possibility to relax amidst its green embrace.

During the warmer seasons, breakfast is served in the garden.
Our friendly and helpful staff is at your complete disposal for any type of reservation or suggestion, whether it is a restaurant, a theatre, an art exhibition or a site to visit.

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